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Why Us?

To better understand what we do, and how we help organizations lower their IT cost, it’s nice to know what Open Souce Software is

Open What?!  Open Source virtually free software.  It is key to our ability to minimize an organization’s IT costs.    Google it, Read our Open Source page, and best yet, make an appointment with David to review it.

If Open Source Software is free, why should my organization hire Expert Data Systems?  

  1. While the software is free, an organization still needs a hosting environment and experts to install, fine-tune, and support it; all services that we provide.
  2. We help organizations choose the right software product.  Some Open Source products are supported by the developer and the open-source community, yet other offerings are incomplete, buggy, and even abandoned.
  3. Here’s how we support organizations who choose to use Open Source Software:
    1. Install and configure the software on our professionally hosted servers and fine-tune it
    2. Provide our clients with initial training, allowing them to get started quickly
    3. Provide support beyond the software’s documentation and Help section
    4. Perform data and application backup
    5. Provide Professional Services

Contact us for a free consultation.