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About us

Who We Are
We are an IT consulting firm, focusing on small business and non-profit organizations.   We will ensure that you reach your goals, and stay by your side long after the project’s deployment, for support, training, and advice.

What We Do
We help organizations reduce their IT expenses by deploying and supporting free and low-cost internet-based tools.

How We Do It

  • Low overhead
  • Very reasonable rates
  • Utilizing Open Source
Open What?!?!   
Open Source is virtually free software.  It is key to our ability to minimize an organization’s IT costs.  Google it, Read our Open Source page, and better yet, make an appointment with David to review it.

Expert Data Systems Llc
The company was founded in 1995 by David Sosenko, a PMI-trained Project Manager Professional. Over the past 20 years, Expert Data Systems has focused on Internet technologies and custom e-commerce solutions, ranging from a complex online cabinet store to an innovative fundraising system.

Expert Advice
Expertise comes with knowledge and experience. Every technology partner associated with Expert Data Systems is a true expert in his or her field.
The results? Our clients get the best possible service and advice, allowing them to make the best business decisions and grow their businesses.

Expert Support
Our dedication to service and support is a primary contributing factor to our great customer retention rate. We take great pride in providing excellent support. We offer a variety of ways that customers can get the prompt, responsive, and informed support they need.

About David Sosenko
David’s 30 years of IT experience began with software development on IBM mainframes for large corporations (Barclays Bank, GA Insurance, Citi Bank, JP Morgan). Over the years, David’s experience and expertise grew into systems design, project management, and as of the last 20 years, internet technologies and e-commerce. Past corpotare work includes the City of Philadelphia, Sovereign Bank, Vanguard Group, GSI Commerce, Fanne Mae and WSFS Bank.

Several of David’s current and past small business and non-profit clients are listed here.