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Q:  What is Open Source software?
A: Open Source software is a virtually free product. 
  • Open Source developers allow anyone to use it at no charge.
  • In most cases they also allow us to make modifications to it and to use it in any way we wish to.
  • See our Open Source page for a more in-depth explanation.
Q: If Open Source Software is free, why should my organization hire Expert Data Systems?
A: This important question has a 2-part answer:

  1. While the software is free, you still need a hosting environment to run it on.  Installing, maintaining, and supporting this software are all services that we provide.
  2. We help organizations choose the right software product.  Some Open Source products are supported by the developer and the open-source community, yet other offerings are not fully debugged and may even be abandoned.
    Here’s how we support organizations who choose to use Open Source Software:

    • Install and configure the software on our professionally hosted servers
    • Provide clients with initial training, allowing them to quickly get started
    • Provide support beyond the software’s documentation and Help section
    • Perform application backup
    • Offer Professional Services

Q: What if I don’t see a solution for my organization’s needs? 
A: Please reach out! We will research the right solution and evaluate it for you at no cost.

Q: What are your fees? 
A: Visit our pricing page to see our pricing model. Please contact us for detailed pricing, as projects vary in complexity and level of involvement.

Q: Are you hiring? 
A: We are looking for independent consultants who would be interested in marketing and supporting our solutions to small businesses and nonprofit organizations in their communities.  Please contact David for details.