Helpdesk Solution

Helpdesk applications intend to provide your consumers & clients with information and support related to your products and services.

The purpose of a help desk system is to troubleshoot problems and to provide guidance.

A good Helpdesk solution provides the customer with more options and ways to contact your office. Before calling your office, clients can first try to find an answer on your Helpdesk system, in the form of knowledge-base articles and FAQs.

Helpdesk tickets are routed to the right person within your organization (billing, support, sales, etc).  No longer having customer’s emails stuck in a staff member’s inbox.  You or the assigned manager have a full view of all open tickets.

Remember: Self-service Helpdesk is just another form of customer service, and it often carries the highest return on investment.

Visit our house brand Helpdesk demo site.  Feel free to submit a ticket – we will reply, allowing you to test drive the system as an end-user.

Call us to schedule a demo of the back-end administrator aspect.


The hosting fee of our Helpdesk Open Source software is  $288, and installation is  $50.
We provide hosting, training, support, and much more (see our About page), allowing you to use this great Open Source software.

Alternatively, consider hosting this app and other apps we support on your Open Source Logic server account.
Learn more about opening an account on our Open Source Logic page


Free Helpdesk Software to non-profit organizations.

We are currently offering 3 free hosted accounts of our house brand Open Source Helpdesk solution. If you are a non-profit organization, please contact us if you'd like your organization to be included in this program.