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We are excited to offer the best Open Source gallery system.   Take a look at all the features! We will include the free Open Source version with any WordPress installation.


We selected WordPress as our Content Management Systems (CMS) & Web Site Publishing system. CMS tools allow non-technical users to update their web site without having to learn computer programming. Using a Web browser, users access, edit, and upload content using familiar editing tools found in software like MS Word. Expert Data Systems recommends WordPress, the…

Awesome Support

The best open source support software is now available on Open Source Logic. We host and support the Open Source version.  If your organization requires additional features, you may upgrade the license, and we will install and support it. See multi-tier options here: COST: Like most Open Source software, the application itself is free. …


SuiteCRM is a leading, full-featured open-source CRM system.  See the list of features here.  COST: Like most Open Source software, the application itself is free.  We provide hosting, training, support, and much more (see our About page), allowing you to use this great Open Source software. Installation:  $75 (one time).  Annual Hosting Fee:  $384. Alternatively,…

Free Helpdesk Software to non-profit organizations.

We are currently offering 3 free hosted accounts of our house brand Open Source Helpdesk solution. If you are a non-profit organization, please contact us if you'd like your organization to be included in this program.